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The safe collaborative platform for busy researchers.

Built on top of 3 pillars:


Store and backup your research, with respect for your intellectual property.


Easily collaborate with people from your lab & all around the world.


Avoid learning complicated things, you don't have time for this.

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artich.io at a glance

Modern editor

artich.io's Electronic Laboratory Notebook editor allows you to focus on the content with a side by side real-time preview of the rendered document.

Smart references

Quickly add a reference to a document or insert an image with a simple drag & drop from the file browser to the editor.

Simple uploads

Upload files to artich.io with a simple drag & drop from your desktop to your web browser.

Fast app switch

Quickly access to your favorite applications within a single click.

artich.io features

Electronic Laboratory Notebook.

artich.io comes with a modern and easy-to-use text editor. Logging your experiments in your laboratory notebook has never been so easy.

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Core features
  • Focus on the content and not the style to save time
  • Reference every document from your working space
  • You will never forget anything anymore, we keep track of every change
  • Tell your colleagues to read your notes and give you instant feedback

Manage Collaborative Projects.

Research is collaborative per se. And so is artich.io.

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Core features
  • Manage teams and groups with fine-tuned permissions
  • Track your time among projects and tasks
  • Stay organized with tasks and milestones coming soon
  • Edit awesome project reports with ease coming soon

Always available. 24/7.

Whatever the time. Wherever you are. On or off-line, as long as the app is already loaded, you will be able to work with artich.io.

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Core features
  • Web-based application
  • No installation needed
  • Always up and ready to respond
  • Need help? We are humans and can assist you

Safe & Secure.

All your data are stored in a single safe and secure place. You don't need to worry about backing up your data: we will do the hard work for you. You'll never loose your research again.

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Core features
  • Our servers are located in France
  • Periodic backup
  • Data high-availability
  • You can ask for your data whenever you want

Keep Privacy Control.

Your data is your research. You keep the control on what you share and what you want to keep private. And we will never use or share your data with third-parties. Never.

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Core features
  • Fine-tuned permissions (by team, group or collaborator)
  • Your research data will never be exploited or accessed by us or any partner

And early birds can get that for free?

Yes! We mean really. Free. For the first of you.

And if it's too late, don't worry, you will get a special voucher!

As soon as it will be in beta phase, artich.io will be freely available by invitation for registered users. And you know what? After the beta phase you will continue to have privileged access to our platform. Nice, isn't it?

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